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Delivery Ukrainian food Zaporizhia

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  • Доставка еды из Sir Lancelot в городе Zaporizhia

    Sir Lancelot

    • Working hours: 09:00 - 23:00
    • Delivery time: 09:00 - 23:00
    • Minimum order: from 125.00 hrn
    • Cost of delivery: from 0.00 hrn
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    • Payment method: Cash to the courier, Visa/MasterCard courier
    • Kitchen: American, Armenian, Vegeterian, Oriental, Greek, Georgian, European, Italian, Caucasian, Chinese, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese

    Ukrainian cuisine delivered to your door in Zaporozhye

    It's hard to meet someone who does not like the Ukrainian cuisine. Delicious, flavorful, hearty and unusual, they attract millions of gourmets around the world. And each of us every day prepares borscht, cabbage rolls, dumplings and a lot of other delicious dishes.

    But sometimes she wants to relax, to forget for a few hours on the home routine and at the same time enjoy Ukrainian food. In this situation, the ideal option to order food delivery to your home using the online service Svitresto.

    Even within an hour you will become the proud owner of a delicious lunch or dinner in a variety of variations of Ukrainian cuisine. Constant discounts, the ability to deliver around the clock, polite operators and carriers operating will be additional incentives for you to order.

    What to order of Ukrainian cuisine on Svitresto?

    1. Order soup. This world-famous Ukrainian soup - one of my favorite on the table people of our country. In particular - in Zaporozhye.
    2. Homemade sausage. Delicious sausages together with garnish - is beyond praise.
    3. Delivery dumplings. Order the dumplings can be for a family dinner, and for lunch at work. Anyway, great food provided.
    4. Cookies in pots. It is tasty and satisfying dish traditionally prepared in Ukrainian oven, so the meat literally melts in your mouth. Meat, onions, carrots and potatoes - is a simple combination can have such an amazing taste.
    5. Jelly. Order jelly can be for ordinary lunch or for the holiday table. Ordering online meal, you save yourself from having to stand for long in the kitchen.
    6. Stuffed cabbage. Delivery cabbage rescue you if you decide to set the table with traditional Ukrainian food, but do not have time to cook.
    7. Banosh. Order banosh is those who want to enjoy the traditional dishes of Carpathian. Corn flour, sour cream, greaves, mushrooms and cheese - a delicious blend for true connoisseurs of Ukrainian cuisine.

    Delivery borscht and dumplings at home or in the office in Kiev

    Delivery of Svitresto - is not only delicious food Ukrainian cuisine, but also a huge number of other cuisines. Constant discounts, varied menu, professionalism and talent of chefs - the three components of the success of institutions that collaborate with the service.

    In whatever area of ​​Zaporozhye, you may live, whether Khortitskiy, Shevchenko, Komunarskiy or Zhovtnevyy area of ​​the city, food delivery to occur as quickly as possible and, of course, with discounts, especially - if you order the stuffed cabbage and other Ukrainian dishes on the minimum amount, size which is listed on the site.

    Do not worry if you have selected the Zaporozhye restaurant is not open around the clock. Firstly, the majority of establishments open until late, so enjoy tasty even for a late dinner is not difficult. Secondly, there is always the opportunity to pre-order, so that immediately after the institution opened in the morning, will take the chefs preparing the food for you.