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Sir Lancelot ordered home and office Zaporizhia!

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Categories of dishes

Meat dishes of Caucasian cuisine for home delivery

Much more customers attracted to places that have their own flavor, the menu and the external design adhere to certain subjects. But it is very important that the chosen theme was interesting, eye-catching and unusual. The restaurant Sir Lancelot is very successful in this regard, because here you can find not only fresh and delicious food, but also an interesting interior, unusual menu and other surprises. Feeling of the Middle Ages does not leave this place, and it is felt primarily on the fresh and delicious food. Here at skimp on portions, so you can quite enough of one salad or soup. The Lancelot is not tasteless and stale food, and poor service, so this place is so popular in Kiev. And with can order pizza delivery here at home, it is very convenient for those who are used to order food for dinner, or no time to prepare their own meal in the morning.

Lunches for real knights Lancelot

Many places in Kiev offer set meals for lunch, it's a good way to make money. Office workers and students rarely take food with them and prefer to order food from fast food, to eat quickly and eat well. But at the same time, some restaurants, for one price selling food, the quality of which does not coincide with the cost, and they are not very hearty and tasty. Therefore it is necessary to read the menu carefully to what is included in the offer for lunch, and as these dishes are individually. You will be able hearty and very tasty meal in Zaporozhye Lancelot restaurant, which also offers a variety of delicious meals. Order a hot soup with stuffed peppers, or noodle soup with chicken, vegetable stew, pork and salad from fresh cabbage. You can see for yourself that the portions are large and the ingredients are very fresh and delicious.

Meat steaks and delicious on the company delivery

In Lancelot, you can not only enjoy the beautiful interiors and high quality service, but also order the delivery of these tasty treats and fresh. This is especially handy if you decide to invite to visit friends or suddenly have a reason to celebrate, but the refrigerator is empty. service provides the opportunity to order food delivery in Kiev, including from Lancelot. You can buy here fresh pizza, juicy steaks of varying degrees of roasting with the delivery, as well as a variety of dishes on the company. With buy delicious pizza and other treats in Lancelot is very convenient and fast.